What can this exhibit teach us about the role that immigrants have played in America?

This paper (@ 8-10 pages) will be the culmination of our semester’s work together. This paper will show your ability to craft a strong, specific, and interesting argument (either Classical, Toulminian, or Rogerian) as well as your judicious use of eight to ten sources from field, internet, and library research. If a reading from our schedule is relevant to your argument, you may certainly refer to it in your paper, but most of your sources should be from our college library (including articles from the databases but also books or articles from periodicals and newspapers). I will need to approve your topic fairly early on so that you’ll have enough time to work out your argument, find your sources, and integrate them into your argument. Therefore, the proposal (your topic, approach, ideas about sources, and reasons for choosing your topic) will be due on Friday, October 23 In addition, I am assigning an annotated bibliography (due November 2 of eight to ten sources that you may use for your paper. This annotated bibliography will consist of the works cited citation for each entry, a brief summary and analysis of this source, and an evaluation of its usefulness. I have designed this assignment to give you additional practice with MLA and a more mindful approach to the research process. Assignment Objectives · Gaining experience with academic library research (on-line and print) · Incorporating library research into your writing, using sources to support your argument and justifying your choice of sources · Handling MLA citation format (including in-text citation) for a variety of sources · Continuing to improve your ability to construct written arguments (Classical, Toulminian, or Rogerian) · Effectively presenting your argument to an audience who may need to be informed about your topic (Classical), who is informed about your topic but is concerned about the limitations of your position (Toulminian) or who could benefit from “buying into” a solution (Rogerian). · Developing earlier writing projects into a longer format, revising and rethinking earlier work Approaches to the Argumentative Research Paper I have talked about using the Rogerian argument as a prewriting tool. Here is your opportunity to try out this tool. You may also return to the topic you chose for your position paper or I-search. Be sure to bring in more sources and more complexity. Remember that this paper is an argument and that failing to address your opponents’ concerns is a logical fallacy (stacked evidence). Now is your chance to consider a different aspect of America on the Move. What would you add to update this exhibit in the 2010s? What can this exhibit teach us about the role that immigrants have played in America? What can this exhibit teach us about America’s relationship to food? Is American mobility still sustainable? Why are fewer young people driving? Is social mobility still sustainable in America? Explore one of the topics raised by the videos we watched or the readings we’ve discussed. How does globalization tie into America on the Move? How does computer technology tie into America on the Move? Or have we reached a period of immobility, as David Brooks has argued? Grading Standards A—This 8 to 10-page paper is well-developed, well-focused, and well-organized, with a strong, original thesis statement and judicious use of outside sources. The writer identifies all references, explaining his/her choice of source. Quotes have been carefully chosen to support the paper’s argument, and make up less than ten percent of the entire paper. Consultation with a Writing Center tutor may have helped the writer to achieve excellence. The writer creates a vivid, detailed picture of a pressing issue from multiple perspectives, including a thoughtful, historical perspective. After reading this paper, a skeptical reader not only understands the issue’s complexity but feels that the writer has done justice to all sides. This paper has a well-chosen title. Varied sentence structure draws the reader’s attention to supporting details, complexity, and contradictions. The writer’s knowledge of citation is flawless. He/she has proofread the paper scrupulously, drawing on knowledge of Standard Written English and the information contained in our handbook. The writer has chosen an appropriate typeface and font size. B—This 8 to 10-page paper is nicely focused, developed, and organized, with a strong thesis statement and well-chosen outside sources. The writer identifies all references, and all quotes are appropriate. The writer more than meets the requirements of this assignment, with or without the assistance of a Writing Center tutor. He/she will have drawn on field, internet, and library research to present his/her topic in an informative and interesting way. This paper has a suitable title, a useful introduction, and persuasive conclusion. Sentence structure is varied. The writer has a good grasp of citation, including both in-text citation and a works cited page. He/she has proofread the paper well, drawing on the information contained in our handbook or on knowledge of Standard Written English. The typeface and font size are correct. C—This 8 to 10-page paper is, for the most part, focused, developed, and organized. The writer uses citation to identify all references and quotations. He/she has made an effort to meet the requirements of this assignment, perhaps working with a Writing Center tutor on difficult areas. After finishing this paper, the reader then has a general idea of the topic discussed. This paper has a relevant title. Its introduction convinces the reader of the issue’s significance, and its conclusion is fairly persuasive. Transitions are usually clear, and sentence structure is sound even if it is not varied. Citation is correct, both within the text and on the works cited page. The writer has proofread his/her work, using our handbook or knowledge of Standard Written English as a guide. The paper’s typeface and font size are correct. D—This paper shows problems with focus, development, or organization. Key requirements of this assignment (page length, type of sources used, grasp of citation) are met. This paper appears to be a simple revision of the earlier project it is based on. Transitions may be shaky, and sentence structure limited or awkward. The paper shows an inadequate grasp of citation. The paper has been proofread, but there are lapses in this proofreading. F– This paper is sketchy, running under six pages in 12 point font (Palatino or Times Roman). Alternately, this paper is digressive and disorganized, its focus changing from time to time. It does not follow the requirements outlined above and does not contain enough sources from the library. This paper has not been proofread. Sources are not cited within the text or, alternately, there is no works cited page.




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