What is Agile Performance Management

Objective: Gain a basic understanding of the concept, Agile Performance Management.

Assignment: Consider the comments your instructor has made and his reference to various aspects of the importance of Agile Performance Management combined with referring to the article by the Human Capital Institute, “Agile Performance Management, HR’s Next Big Move” and answer the following questions [Article available below].

What is Agile Performance Management?

How is Agile Performance Management different than traditional Performance Management?

What are the compelling reasons or rationale for business to move to and utilize an Agile approach to Performance Management?

According to the Human Capital Institute, Deloitte’s research states, “traditional performance management is out of sync with today’s businesses and their employees because it …” Does What?

As defined by HCI, agile performance management has six key elements that clearly and compellingly differentiate it from traditional models. What are these six elements and how do you see them in relation to the key learnings in our two course books? How do they fit with the 12 Essentials of High Performance?

If you were the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for a business that has used a very traditional approach to Performance Management, and you strongly recognize the value of an Agile approach. How would you convince your Senior Leadership to actively support moving the company’s Performance Management process to an Agile approach? What would be the compelling business reason to do so? What is your rationale or basis for your answer?

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