what is sociology 5

Paper Instructions

What is Sociology?

For this assignment you will write a brief paper on what sociology is. Specifically, after taking this course how would you describe sociology to someone who hasn’t taken the course. You will need to incorporate specific concepts and ideas that would support your explanation and understanding of the discipline.


You will need to first give a description of what sociology is to you after taking this class. Then you will choose THREE main concepts that you feel best describes the goals of sociology. Some examples could be social forces, culture, power, social structure, inequality/stratification or the sociological imagination. You may choose other main theories and/or ideas. You will need to describe your three chosen concepts and provide analysis as to why they are essential to the discipline. Make sure you reference your text and/or lecture to support your theories and claims within the paper. Proper citations are a must!

Other requirements:

If you are using terms or concepts from the lecture or text make sure you provide proper citations

Have a works cited or bibliography

  • All essays must be typed, double spaced, and 12 pt font.
  • You will need to integrate additional terms, concepts, data, and theories to explain your chosen concepts.
    • All use of concepts, terms and definitions should be underlined or in bold.
    • DO NOT underline entire sentences.
    • Typical papers are 3-5 pages in length
    • NOTE: you may write in the first person for this assignment (“I”).

Grading will be based on your adherence to the requirements (points will be deducted for not following the specific instructions stated above), your ability to discuss and explain each issue, your analysis and overall understanding of sociology and chosen concepts.


1) You must upload your paper into the TURNITIN button.

2) Your paper should be in word or pdf form.

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