What is the author’s topic, main question, and argument




Answer the following questions about the readings. Use page numbers in your quotes (if applicable). These are due on the date we discuss the reading. Bring a copy of the reading and the article with you to class, as this is meant to facilitate class discussion!

Note that I will count off for not fully answering the questions!

1. What is the author’s topic, main question, and argument? Give a quote from the reading that establishes their argument (include page numbers!) and be prepared to discuss it in class.

2. Give at least one example each of the sources the author uses in the article, both secondary and primary. How do the sources support their argument (over just establishing a particular set of facts)?

3. How does the author frame their article: What is the time period? Who are the historical agents? What is the subfield of history (economic, race, gender, cultural, technological, intellectual, labor, etc – it can be more than one)? Is there political bias in the article – if so, what is it (liberal/traditionalist, Marxist, post-modern)?

4. What changed in the world, according to this article? In other words, describe the “change over time” that happened during the time period being discussed in the article.

5. What specific contextual information (such as a specific event or set of events) did you learn about here that you were previously unaware of? Did this change your view of what you thought of this particular historical era?

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