What is the definition of a population?

N642, Summer 2015, Class 3 Online Pop Stats Assignment & Quiz

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Instructions for class assignment: Watch videos and read Urdan chapters 1 through 4. Complete the attached quiz.

Define the following in one phrase:
Categorical Data & give an example of how it is displayed and what type of variable represents this data: _________________________________________________________
Quantitative (Numerical) Data & give an example of how it is displayed and what type of variable represents this data:


Explain the difference between descriptive and inferential samples:


Answer the following questions by highlighting the answer in yellow:

What is the definition of a population?
a. the objects (people, animals, etc.) measured in an experiment
b. objects that share characteristics defined by a researcher
c. objects that share characteristics predicted by a study
d. objects selected randomly

Which of the following is the best description of the purpose of a sample?
a. to provide results that a researcher can generalize to a population
b. to provide data that a researcher can generalize to another sample
c. to define who can and cannot be a research participant
d. to provide access to research subjects

Which of the following could be a population of interest in a study?
a. women age 50 to 79
b. women age 50 to 79 living in the United States
c. women age 50 to 79 living in the United States who have at least one child
d. Any of the above could be a population.

Round 14.575 to two decimal places.

a. 14.55 c. 14.57
b. 14.56 d. 14.58

What is a distribution?
a. a data set with a large range
b. a data set that has been sorted
c. the whole set of values for one variable in a data set
d. the whole set of variables in a data set
What is frequency?
a. a tally of the number of different values a variable can take
b. a tally of the number of occurrences of one value in a distribution
c. a value that occurs often in the distribution
d. a count of the total number of subjects represented in a distribution

Calculate the mean for these data: 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 6
a. 3.00 c. 3.50
b. 3.33 d. none of the above

In the following data set, which score is the outlier?
27, 34, 36, 38, 74

a. 27 c. 38
b. 34 d. 74

Find the median for this data set: 7, 8, 35, 36, 41, 90
a. 35 c. 36
b. 35.5 d. 36.5

What is the first thing you would do to calculate the median for these data?
1, 6, 13, 2, 5, 3, 27, 4

a. Add the numbers together.
b. Arrange the numbers in order.
c. Count to find sample size.
d. Decide whether there are an even or odd number.

In the formula for the mean, , what does mean?

a. sum of c. center of
b. son of d. score of

Calculate the most appropriate measure of central tendency for this data set of interval level numbers: 1, 1, 3, 5, 30

a. median = 3
b. mean = 8
c. mode = 1
d. Any of the above

What percentile rank is the same as the median, and why?
a. 49th: different number of scores above and below
b. 49th: equal number of scores above and below
c. 50th: different number of scores above and below
d. 50th: equal number of scores above and below

Identify the mode in the following data set: 2, 3, 5, 8
a. 2 c. 5
b. 3 d. There is no mode.

Standard deviation can be defined as an averge deviation between the scores and the mean in the distribution


Why should you wait until the end of your calculations and round your final answer?
Rounding as you go takes more time than it is worth.
Calculators can carry a lot of digits with no trouble.
Rounding as you go may make the final answer less accurate.
You would get the same result either way, so wait till the end.

Tom was reading a report of a study and was trying to remember the difference between the small n and capital N. This is what he remembered: ‘n’ is the number of scores in the sample, and ‘N’ is the number of scores in the population.


Range is basically a concept about
a. score meaning. c. score frequency.
b. score distance. d. score importance.

What is the range of the following data? 77, 89, 92, 92, 98
a. 21 c. 77
b. 22 d. 98

What kinds of numbers result from calculating variance?
a. non-negative numbers c. non-positive numbers
b. non-zero numbers d. negative numbers

In the formula for estimated population variance, why is the denominator n–1?
a. to correct for sampling limitations
b. to make the sample as large as the population
c. to put the variance in the same metric as the scores
d. to increase the range

Which of the following distributions is most likely to be negatively skewed?
a. mile running speeds for a random sample of people
b. mile running speeds for couch potatoes
c. mile running speeds for Olympic runners
d. mile running speeds for people who attend the Olympics

A normal distribution looks most like which of the following shapes?
a. a bell
b. a top hat
c. profile of a mountain range with many mountains
d. profile of a camel with two humps

Kurtosis refers to a distribution’s
a. outliers. c. height.
b. modality. d. tilt.

When a distribution has a peak that is higher than that found in a normal, bell-shaped distribution, it is called leptokurtic.


A political candidate attracted mostly older voters. Which measure of central tendency would the press probably report in articles about his popularity?
mean c. mode
median d. none of the above

A survey question asked students to respond on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) through 5 (strongly agree) to an opinion question. Use the graph to describe the results. Select all that apply.
a. The most popular response was strongly agree.
b. Most people agreed or strongly agreed with the statement.
c. Very few people were neutral.
d. About the same amount strongly agreed and strongly disagreed.
e. The distribution is negatively skewed.
f. The distribution is positively skewed.

28. The level of significance usually set in nursing studies is at:
(p < 0.5)
(p < .05)
(p < .03)
(p < .01)




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