phd proposal 3
August 12, 2020
how do the trait theory perspectives of allport eysenck and cattell differ do you feel their research was conducted ethically why or why not
August 12, 2020

What topic and research question did you pursue for psychology?

Minimum 250 words in APA format.

· What topic and research question did you pursue for psychology?

· How is your research question relevant to you passions and interests in psychology and your purpose?

· What strategies did you use to locate relevant articles?

· Did you find Boolean Commands confusing? What tips would you give others for learning these commands?

· What insights did you gather about your research question in psychology?

· What conclusions did you come to about the role of research in your future career vision?

Minimum 250 words in APA format.

· What three peer-reviewed articles did you find related to your research question? Give a short summary and provide the APA citiation for each article.

· How did you determine whether an article was relevant to your research question?

· What strategies did you use to ensure the articles you located were worthy of use in psychology practice?

· What critieria did you use to evaluate the authority, credibility, and scholarliness of the articles within the field of psychology?

· Do you see any themes emerging from your analysis of the three articles?

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