Which is more important in sexual reproduction, male or female?

Biology Human Reproduction
Complete the following questions

Question 1

Sex selection is not new. Many people have over the years come up with ideas; I guess you could call them “old wives tales”.

Here is a list of a few:

Explain why these do not work…..be specific

a. eating starch when pregnant case make the baby a boy.

b. having sex in a certain position can effect which sperm joins with the egg

c. If a woman has 3 boys in a row, the next one will be girl.

d. without doing anything, the odds are greater to have a boy.

e. The sperm with Y chromosomes are faster and because of that more boys are conceived

Question 2

The chapters you read in BONK can be funny but are also showing a progression in scientific research on SEX. When I was a teen my Mom got me a book called “Being Born”. It had information on egg and sperm, menstruation, fertilization and pregnancy. I assume you can see that SEX is missing.

Discuss the reasons that experimentation has increased in recent years and what is still NOT examined. Also, why was there so much opposition to the work of Kinsey and Masters and Johnson. Give a number of reasons and address the science community, general society and individuals. US only.

See reading file attached

Question 3

Look at male and female reproductive system drawings. Think about this: Ovaries and Testes are extremely important in the reproduction of all mammals and other animals. In humans, what protects them and which is more vulnerable to damage and why?

Question 4

Scientists are working on the combining of two eggs to form an embryo. Some are also working on the fusion of two sperm. Discuss EACH and tell how it would work, what would go wrong, what populations might want this? Think carefully and write all your ideas.

Question 5

Which is more important in sexual reproduction, male or female? WHY?

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