Why Cryptocurrency is Not the Future of Money Argumentative Essay (Essay Sample)

An Argumentative Essay allows a writer to express an opinion on a topical issue. The goal of this essay is to offer a new perspective to your reader (s) on a challenging issue. For this assignment, write a 3 page persuasive essay on a topic of your choice. You are required to have 3 credible secondary sources to support your argument. In addition, you must have a 2 In-Text Citations.
You want to find an issue that is both unique and researchable but also a subject you are familiar with. It’s fine to choose a popular issue, but try to find your own unique angle or context.
Be sure to offer a clear but debatable thesis statement, remembering that this is an essay, not just a list of random evidence, nor is it just a rant. You want to develop clear and logical reasoning as well as sufficient and reliable evidence to support your claim.
Like all persuasive writing you must always consider your audience therefore, you may want to address a particular audience rather than a general one.
Be sure to use MLA carefully by citing your sources with in-text citations and provide a Works Cited page. Also, carefully proofread your paper for grammar errors and style.
Three sources correctly cited. (Less than 3 sources= -20, No sources= F). MLA Format
Plagiarism of any kind is unacceptable. A zero will be given to the paper.

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