Will the 5S Toyota methodology aid in reducing cost of supplies on a nursing unit?

Topic: Will the 5S Toyota methodology aid in reducing cost of supplies on a nursing unit?
• Conduct an exhaustive review of the literature.
• Synthesize the literature on the topic (provide evidence table as an appendix).
• Summarize how the study will contribute to knowledge by filling in gaps, validating, or testing knowledge
• Provide details of your exhaustive search process. Be certain to list:
o All of the keywords or search phrases.
o Each database used 5S as explained by the experts stands for: seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardization), and shitsuke (sustain). 5S is a systematic way to improve workplace organization and functioning by establishing the basic conditions that are essential to process stability.

In addition, 5S is often a good way for businesses to familiarize themselves with continuous improvement by involving and engaging workers to improve workplace conditions and take ownership of their organization (Matura et al., 2015).
The Toyota manufacturing company was one of the first major businesses to adopt the Lean philosophy.
supply level from baseline on an annual basis), and reducing the total inventory count by 40%. 5S provides cleaner, more organized, and efficient workplaces for enhanced safety and increased productivity; reduction of inventory and supply costs and recapturing of valuable spaces and minimizing overhead costs (Young, 2014).

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