workforce diversity on job satisfaction

Unit 2 Assignment

Assignment: Job Satisfaction

Marla Santigo is an accountant for at Lemnah Company. Marla loves her job and spends countless hours working at the office. She enjoys working on taxes and reviewing financial records. Being an accountant was her dream and she reached hers goal after going to school evenings and weekends. Every morning she cannot wait to get to the office.

Darell Washington is a Quality Control Agent for an insurance company. He investigates potential fraud cases. He travels all over the United States investigating cases. He spends more time traveling then home. He has been doing this job for 10 years and feels the need for change. He no longer likes to be away from his family. He feels the company is full of politics and does not respect employees.

Mike Walker is a retail store manager for Outdoor Inc. He believes in the quality products his store sells. He comments that retail is a tough business but enjoys a challenge. He enjoys seeing the new products come into the store every season. His employees remark that Mike is a great manager and passionate about his job. He makes himself available to employees on days off and can often be found in the store during his vacation. Lately though, he is feeling stressed due to the demands from corporate about daily sales. He wants to succeed and get promoted but feels helpless because last quarter’s sales were down.

Working more than 40 hours, constant travelling, and being available 24 hours a day seven days a week can be a challenge to most people. This can leave them feeling stressed and burned out. However, some people find this exhilarating and thrive on the demands of the job and cannot wait for the next challenge.


Address the following questions in your 2—3 page essay adding an additional title and references page:

There are three parts to an essay: Introduction, body, and summation.

· The first paragraph* or two introduces the reader to the topic of your paper.

· The body of the paper will address the questions in this particular assignment paper. Explain how the characteristics of the jobs mentioned might increase job satisfaction in general. Then provide an explanation concerning the 3 individuals’ job satisfaction and how it might relate to their job performance, their citizenship behavior, turnover and finally the company profit.

· You should finish your paper with a final paragraph or two regarding a summary of what you determined and explained in the body of your paper.

* Remember to use at least 3 to 4 sentences in each paragraph.

The three employees and their jobs at three different companies considered are:

Marla- Accountant; Darell- Quality Control Manager for an insurance company; and Mike, Retail Store Manager for an outdoor products company.

1. What characteristics of these jobs might contribute to increased levels of job satisfaction?

2. What characteristics of these jobs might contribute to decreased levels of job satisfaction?

3. The three individuals we just read about have different levels of satisfaction with their jobs, how might their levels of satisfaction relate to:

C. their job performance

C. citizenship behavior

C. turnover

C. company profit

Please submit your minimum APA formatted and citation styled 2–3 pages of body text, and include an additional title and references page.

Directions for submitting your Assignment:

Before you submit your Assignment, you should save your work using the correct naming convention: Last_first Name_Homework_Unit #.

Make sure your Assignment is in Microsoft Word, doubled spaced and 12 pt. font in Times New Roman. Then, when you are ready, you may submit on the Dropbox page.

Access an employee job satisfaction survey from SHRM®. Access the rubric.

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