“Workplace Monitoring

I need 4 clear and quality references for each topic so a total of 8 references.

These references need to be current and website based with an author who is current (2008-2018). I need to be able to go to a website and see that actual work.

No google books or Wiki. I need media articles to references and see. Please understand this requirement.

Also this needs to follow APA style and be in 12 Times.

Also I just need the document in a clear well written single spaced. I will do the editing no need to send cover page or double space. I will do that through my review.

Thank you and see the topics below that need addressed.

“Workplace Monitoring” Please respond to the following:

Workplace monitoring is a topic that many people have very different opinions about, as it affects workplace productivity, privacy, human resource management, and other issues.
Describe some of the common computer- or network-related activity areas that companies monitor, and the legal or privacy issues associated with that monitoring.
Choose the computer or network-related activity that you believe is most challenging to monitor from an employer perspective, and describe why.
“The Rule-Making Process” Please respond to the following:

Describe the rule-making process, how agencies become involved in the rule-making process, and how other people can become involved in the rule-making process.

Determine if you believe that this rule-making process is effective or if it takes too long to implement new rules and regulations. Discuss whether or not this strengthens the American Legal System.

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