write a 2 page essay on rcra see instructions below

Facility Hazardous Waste Management Programs

Regulatory programs need to be integrated into facility operations and implemented to ensure regulatory compliance. The following assignment includes the typical steps that need to be taken to ensure that a company retains the right to operate in its local community.

Describe the main purposes that Congress intended the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate when they passed the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) into law. In two tables, list the key objectives of RCRA and CERCLA, and show how each regulatory objective addresses one of the purposes of each regulation.

In addition, describe the three major categories of waste generators. Outline the record-keeping program that you would employ to ensure that waste generators are properly classified each month.

Finally, discuss how you would structure a hazardous waste management program to build the required flexibility at a facility to manage monthly changes to RCRA classifications.

Your essay should be a minimum of two pages not counting your reference page. Ensure you include an introduction. You should include at least two academic or government resources (e.g., EPA) besides your textbook to support your response to the assignment. Ensure that all outside sources, including your textbook, are cited and referenced using correct APA-style formatting.

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