write a three and a half page essay on three articles and a film anthropology class

1. View the photos in this module for geographical context. See the map in Module One for geograpical context.

2. Read the Articles, Interlude at Winter Cove by Donald S. Johnson, Beattie and Savelle, and Amy, et al.

3. View the film on H.M.S. Investigator. https://youtu.be/UMGazNWWfbs

4. Write a three-and-a-half-page essay on the articles and film.

The essay should be Double-space, use 12-point text, margins should be standard. Cite in-text all articles and page numbers from which one’s information is drawn, thus: (author: page number).

In responding to criteria in essay assignments use ONLY the course readings and any other assigned materials. DO NOT use other sources of information.

I attached the three articles and the instructions

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