Write an essay discussing the role of transaction, transformational and other forms of leadership that contribute to successful health and safety management in an organisation.

You should include a range of supporting reference materials from research, guidance, standards and legislative sources to underpin your discussion. It is not enough to simply describe a health and safety management systems. You can refer to your own countries legislation and guidance or select another country should your country not have legislation or guidance to refer to.You are to design an intervention program to persuade people to adopt a healthy behavior (e.g., exercising, condom use, healthy diet, wear sunscreen, etc.). This intervention should incorporate at least three social psychological theories (or concepts). The paper should be 5 to 8 pages (excluding Title page
and References) and submitted in Word.
The norm in psychology papers is to paraphrase. Students who include and cite unapproved web-based sources in their written assignments will lose points.
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