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August 19, 2020
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August 19, 2020

Write an Op-Ed piece for a national newspaper outlining the issue of global health inequities drawing on 2 or more of the disciplines presented

Write an Op-Ed piece for a national newspaper outlining the issue of global health inequities drawing on 2 or more of the disciplines presented. You may discuss the issue of global inequities in health broadly (you may choose to use one or more specific examples), or you may focus on one or a few health issues, provided you examine them from the perspective of at least 2 different disciplines.The disciplines to choose from are:
– Biomedicine
– Economics
– Politics
– Anthropology/Culture
– Geography/Environment
– History
This op-ed should be 1000 words in length and is worth 30% of the marks for this subject. Therefore, I want to receive a really good grade for this subject of 80% or more. Please try your best to produce an excellent piece of writing.
An op-ed (opinion editorial) is an opinion piece written by a reader of a newspaper, magazine, or other source, on a topic relevant to the publication’s audience. Imagine you were explaining the issues of global health inequities to an intelligent layperson (e.g. a student friend not enrolled in this subject). The challenge is to develop your case clearly yet succinctly, while assuming little background knowledge and without recourse to academic jargon or references.

(Although an op-ed does not use academic references, it should still be rigorous and your sources made clear.

E.g. you might include in your text ‘A recent UNICEF report notes’ rather than giving a formal reference.) Therefore, no in-text references or a reference list as such is required. Please follow the above as an example. Your op-ed should present an argument (e.g. that there are still too many unjust inequalities in health) and develop that argument in a way that emphasizes the complexity of the problem and the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding it.

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