Write few sentences on leadership and management in nursing and definition of management.

Unit name: Leadership and Management in Nursing.
Assessment: Reflective Analysis.
This assignment has 2 parts:
1st part: Discussion board (that I made it) and I attached it.
2nd part: Reflective analysis (1500 words), which contains:

• A critical reflection on the discussion board activities you led and participated in and how this relates to your own practice leadership and management

• Evidence that you examined the issues you identified through relevant leadership and management literature

In the Blackboard, there are some questions and each question has 4-5 students to lead their discussion. My question is “Definition of management” and under this question, there are

• I want introduction before you start writing about the discussion.
• Write few sentences on leadership and management in nursing and definition of management.
• I need to link the discussion forum to my own experiences in my workplace and who is effect and also write future plans.
• I work as registered nurse on Children’s Hospital.
• IMPORTANT: you will talk briefly about discussion other members (Athar, Taryn, Laura, and Herman) and you will do like that e.g., someone agreed with me —. Someone disagreed with me — but someone agreed with me about —-.
• You will talk about my discussion board.
• Please write it “Platinum level”.
• I will upload 3 files:
1. My discussion board.
2. My colleagues’ discussion board.
3. An example but please do not copy it just read it and follow similar this strategy.

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