You are required to research three specific fields of employment in your discipline that you are interested in pursuing a career in.

Assessment item 2

Assignment 1: Career Research Report

Value: 30%

Due date: 05-Apr-2018

Return date: 27-Apr-2018

Length: Approx. 5,000 words

Submission method options

Alternative submission method


The purpose of this task is to research three industries of which you are interested in. This will enable a better understanding of what is required of you for each industry and give you direction of your career.

You must submit a career research report (via TURNITIN) which requires you to research and report on three (3) industries you are interested in and discuss the following sections for each industry.

The following sections must be covered:

Section 1:  You are required to research three specific fields of employment in your discipline that you are interested in pursuing a career in.  Your research should be undertaken with respect to discussion of  all aspects of the ‘field’ including the following: the nature of the work, the environment, the education, skills, training and personality traits required to be successful, average salaries, the labour market outlook, related positions and typical employers. Sources to use include: books, periodicals, newspapers, professional journals, trade journals and websites.

Section 2: This section of the assignment requires you to research a specific employer in each ‘field’ you have researched in section 1.  You are required to include the following in your report: the nature of the employer including the size of the organisation, its history, the organisational structure, its culture and/or mission, branches or subsidiaries, clients or customers, products or services, opportunities for promotion, etc. Most medium to large size organisations have this information on their web site. However, you are encouraged to research information from other resources other than the organization itself.

Section 3: A description of the typical career path one follows as he/she advances in this career. What is an entry level position? What are other names of entry level positions? Is there more than one path one could take? What are the middle to upper level positions? What qualifications are required?

Section 4: Your reflection on the above three sections. For instance, reflect on how well you think you would fit in with this employer. Describe your satisfaction in working in the career field you have investigated. How has this research confirmed or changed your plans and why? Are there any areas in which you need to continue to develop skills? Which aspects of the field/position do you like/dislike and why? Which aspects/characteristics do/do not fit? Refer to the exercises completed on interests, skills, and values. Specifically state how there is, or is not a match among these. Thorough and thoughtful analysis is critical to this section. Give specifics!

References & Citations:  The report must include references from at least six different resources consisting of the print resources, web or other sources.


This task is designed to help you achieve the following learning outcomes:

· be able to define, evaluate, and reflect on employability skills and graduate attributes to plan appropriate professional development activities

· be able to explore, develop and evaluate a personal career plan

· be able to learn and assess through reflection

· be able to explore and enhance personal brand development through academic application and self-development

Marking criteria

 MARKING CRITERIA High Distinction


Distinction 75 – 84.5 Credit

65 – 74.5

Pass 50 – 64.5 Fail 0 – 49.5
Indicates aim of the assignment

Outline of report structure

Main points previewed

Comprehensive, succinct purpose and significance of the main points are clearly explained and signposted through the report structure. Provides a clear and concise summary of the report and a clear, concise identification of the main points. Provides a summary of the report that identifies the significant aspects and how they inter-relate. Attempts to identify the requirements, but does not draw out their significance in relation to the assignment. Does not identify or provides only a limited identification of the requirements for the introduction.
Introduction identifies and describes the nature and purpose of the assignment Comprehensively and succinctly identifies the nature and purpose of the assignment Clearly and concisely identifies the nature and purpose of the assignment Identifies the nature and purpose of the assignment Attempts to identify the nature and purpose of the assignment Does not identify or provides only a limited identification of the nature or purpose of the assignment
BODY: Mark / 55
Clear and comprehensive answers to the questions provided using references and personal insight.


Outstanding and insightful answers to the questions demonstrating extensive research and in-depth personal insight. Clearly and concisely    developed answers to the questions, evidence of broad research and developed personal insight Answers provided are clear showing evidence of research and personal insight. Answers provided are limited in their exploration and show limited research and personal insight. Fails to provide clear and comprehensive answers to the questions and provides no references or personal insight.
Demonstrates soundness and thoroughness of your research Information gathered is particularly relevant enabling depth and knowledge that are particularly pertinent demonstrating depth of research. Information obtained demonstrates sound comprehension research. Information provided has a reasonable depth of understanding and demonstrates  soundness and thoroughness of research Some information irrelevant; inadequate range/depth of research. Information selected is not relevant or of poor quality and insufficient.

Research is not logical, relevant or suitable.

Main points summarised and linked to discussion.  Comprehensive, clear and concise summary provided. Comprehensive summary provided. Good, reasonably thorough summary provided. Adequate but basic summary provided. Little or no summary provided.


APA 6 referencing of at least six different resources. Both the in text and end reference list are consistent in terms of style and application of APA 6.


Six or more references used.

The style is consistent throughout the text and end reference list. Application is still inconsistent with some points remaining unreferenced.


5 references

There is consistent style, but application is not consistent with some errors.


3 – 4 references used

There is an attempt to apply referencing, but style and application are inconsistent.


1 – 2 references used

There is limited or no attempt at in text or end of text referencing.
Clear and appropriate structure All paragraphs are appropriately structured so each contains a single topic. Demonstrates a clear and logical progression of points, with clearly linked paragraphs Paragraphs are mostly appropriately structured with logical use of evidence and argument. Demonstrates a clear progression of points, and paragraphs mostly clearly linked. Paragraphs contain a single topic. Some are less well developed (fragments) or have more than one topic (overly long). Whilst a relationship between the points are clear, the essay has some missing links and/or structural errors Paragraphs show some arrangement into related ideas but the topic is implicit or unclear. Paragraphs tend to be fragmented or overly long. Has a discernible structure, but lacks coherence Paragraph topics are unclear and there is little structure for ideas.

Paragraphs are  fragmented or overly long. No discernible structure or progression of points.

Depth of reflection Writing demonstrates an in-depth reflection on personal career, including substantial supporting details and examples Writing demonstrates a thorough reflection on personal career, including some supporting details and examples Writing demonstrates a limited reflection on personal career, including minimal supporting details and examples Writing demonstrates a minimal reflection on personal career, including a few supporting details and examples Writing demonstrates lack of reflection on personal career, with no details.
Mark / 100
Worth 30% of your final grade











































Your report should consist of:

· Title Page

· Table of contents;

· Executive Summary;

· Introduction;

· Body of the report addressing the sections listed above;

· Conclusion; and

· References

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