Youth Entrepreneurship in Oman

Youth Entrepreneurship in Oman
dO A research in Youth Entrepreneurship in Oman. The research shall aim at addressing the escalating levels of unemployment of the youths in Oman. The research shall be conducted with the plight of the youths at heart to help in designing and adopting alternative measures to control unemployment. This research shall be looking at the prospect of developing the capacity youth entrepreneurship and forming an Omani business model for entrepreneurship to help the youths to utilize their skills thus earning a living out of them. The reason as to why this paper shall consider entrepreneurship as an alternative way of creating jobs for the youths is because it has already analysed complexity of processes, laws governing entrepreneurship, financing issues, government jobs, and recognition of successful stories told by other entrepreneurs. The research shall be looking for mechanisms of fighting youth unemployment by bringing up the of Omani youth entrepreneurs, their capacity, opportunities, and developing a new business model of Omani youth entrepreneurs. This model shall help these entrepreneurs to devise mechanisms of reaching out to the potential customers to facilitate sustainability of their operations.
Now, I need to understand the research methodology involved to carry out this particular study and develop an essay totaling of 1500 words covering only two methods from the below list. Alternatively, one method can be used from the below list and another one maybe be suggested from your side. It is important to suggest and use the research methods that have been used to study youth Entrepreneurship knowing that Oman has no published data about Entrepreneurship in the recognized international organizations.
• Metaphor Analysis
• Case Study Research
• Repertory Grids
• Modelling
• Historical Methods and Perspective
• Process Research
• Survey Research
In your response include at least the following:
1. A statement of your problem of interest and a specific research question for the purposes of this assignment
2. A short review of relevant literature in your area of study and what methodologies have been used in research conducted in this area.
3. Why the methods are appropriate or inappropriate for your problem of interest and the previous literature/research. This discussion might include, for example, a consideration of limitations and delimitations of your research questions which influence the relevance of methods, reference to other similar studies which have adopted the method, or trade-offs involved in choosing one method over another.
4. Reference to appropriate methodological literature
5. Potential critiques of the methods
6. A consideration of the pragmatics of these methods; i.e. problems and constraints
7. How you might deal with potential problems and constraints at this stage of planning your research process

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