Discussion: Who is the “Client” in Human Services?

Discussion: Who is the “Client” in Human Services?

The word “client” can be interpreted differently across fields. In a business setting clients are those for whom you are performing services requested. In counseling, clients might be individuals to whom counselors provide clinical services. In human and social services, clients are those for whom professionals in the field provide support by helping individuals, families, organizations, and communities to solve problems in a non-clinical way. Understanding who your clients are is essential for your success as a professional.

To Prepare

Think about the various roles of human and social services professionals. Consider possible “clients” that you might encounter in your field.

Post two “clients” whom you anticipate working with as a human and social services professional. Explain how your roles differ when working with each of the clients. Finally, explain how you can practice the skills taught in this course in such a way that you can apply them to a variety of human and social services “clients.”

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